COOKIE STATEMENT GASSAN DIAMONDS is the website of the companies GASSAN Diamonds B.V. and Amsterdam Diamond Center B.V., the latter also trading under the name GASSAN Dam Square (hereinafter collectively called “GASSAN”). GASSAN makes use of cookies and similar technologies on its website. In this cookie statement, you will find information about what cookies are, why cookies are used, and what cookies are placed.


GASSAN is the data controller in relation to the use of the data that is described in this cookie statement. The contact details for GASSAN are:
GASSAN Diamonds B.V.
Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173
1011 LN Amsterdam

Amsterdam Diamond Center B.V.
Rokin 1
1012 KK Amsterdam

If you have any questions or complaints in connection with this cookie statement, you can contact us by e-mail at [] or by letter at [Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173, 1011 LN Amsterdam], quoting the reference ‘GASSAN cookie statement’.


Cookies are small text files that are placed on the computer or other device (such as a smartphone or tablet) of a visitor when they visit a website. Cookies collect data that can be read by the party that has placed the cookie. This can be the operator of the website (so-called first-party cookies), but also third parties (so-called third-party cookies). Similar technologies include JavaScript, Flash cookies, HTML5 local storage, web beacons, and all types of other technologies that are used to place and/or read data files.

You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to accept cookies. You can refuse cookies using the settings of your browser. Most browsers will tell you how you can refuse cookies, the way you will be notified when a cookie is placed, and how you can delete any cookies that have already been placed on a device. If you refuse certain cookies or delete existing cookies, however, you might not be able to use (all the functions of) a website.


At, cookies are placed for various purposes. Cookies of third parties are also placed. These third-party cookies are subject to the privacy and cookie policies of the relevant parties.

3.1.Functional cookies

Functional cookies help to make sure the website functions properly. These are used, for example, so you can add items to the shopping basket and pay for your purchases in the web shop.

NameData typeExplanationRetention period
AdyenPayment detailsFor security purposes on years

3.2.Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to analyse how visitors use our website so we can improve the quality and/or effectiveness of the website.


NameData typeExplanationRetention period
Google AnalyticsPersonal details (age, location, & IP address)

A tracking service that helps us to understand how the website can be improved.


2 years
Google TagmanagerPersonal details (age, location, & IP address)A service that helps us manage pixel tags.2 years

Personal details (age, location, & IP address)

Visitor path through the website.

A feedback and tracking service that helps us to understand how visitors use the website.1 year
Pingdom A monitoring service that helps us to track the performance status of the website.1 year
SendgridPersonal details (name & e-mail address)A service that consolidates the e-mails from gassan.com1 year
Visual Website OptimizerVisitor path through the website.An a/b testing service that helps us to understand how we can improve the website.1 year

Personal details (IP address, device, visitor path through the website, location, browser & platform).

Optional details that can be provided are: Name (compulsory for offline chat), e-mail address (compulsory for offline chat) & telephone number (optional for offline chat).

A service that helps us to communicate with a visitor via a chat function.1 year

3.3.Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies make it possible for us to track your online surfing, searching, and purchasing behaviour across multiple websites and to use this information to show relevant adverts.


NameData typeExplanationRetention period
AwinName, IP address and other data relating to your identity will not be stored by Awin and will not be used to create individual profiles of you as a user based on your browsing history (session cookies). Awin cookies saves information when a visitor clicks on an Awin affiliate link. Information such as the time of the click, whether or not an order was placed, and the website where the link was clicked (persistent cookies).Cookies that monitor if and when a user buys a product after seeing and clicking on an advert on a website of an Awin partner. This information is used to measure the effectiveness of adverts on third-party websites within the Awin network.30 days

Cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to show the most relevant adverts for a specific user on third-party websites (Facebook). Facebook uses session cookies and persistent cookies for its advertising products.


Maximum 2 years

Google Adwords 

Cookies that collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to show the most relevant adverts for a specific user on third-party websites (Google) based on your recent search history. Google Adwords uses session cookies and persistent cookies for its advertising products.


Maximum 2 years
MailchimpPersonal details (name & e-mail address)A service that helps us to show the most relevant products for a specific user in the newsletters. These cookies collect and save data about your use of The information collected by the cookie is then used to improve the content of the newsletters of based on the products you have viewed on

1 year



GASSAN reserves the right to change this cookie policy from time to time, for example in the event of any changes to the website or if the laws and regulations concerning cookies are amended. Any changes will be published on the website. We therefore recommend that you check our cookie statement regularly to make sure you are aware of any changes. At the bottom of this cookie statement you can see when this cookie statement was last changed.

This cookie statement was last revised on 09-05-2018.